Tuesday, January 21, 2014

12 Signs You're Dating a Lady Firefighter

  1. Every time she meets a kid her first question is “Do you know your families fire escape plan”
  1. Her favorite movie is “Always”
  2. When entering a hotel room she immediately checks the fire escape diagram, and looks out the window to note any complications to a window rescue.
  3. She hints that a few days in Indianapolis in April sounds great.
  4. The new issue of Fire Engineering arrived and you automatically plan a night out with the guys.
  5. She thinks its sweet that you downloaded a fire engine ringtone so you know its her when she calls.
  6. You've gotten used to her immediately noticing if every home you enter has fire sprinklers.
  7. Pink isn't her favorite color, but she wears it often and proudly in support of Breast Cancer Research.
  8. Candles in restaurants that have paper napkins and place mats make her nervous.
  9. When there's smoke in the distance she tells you what town its in and if its a woods or structure fire.
  10. The smell of smoke and two-stroke engines don't bother her.
  11. Every once in a while she turns her pager off, just for you.