Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Calm Before the Storm

The air is fresh and crisp and the sky has breaks of light between the dark clouds. It could fool one into thinking the day is ripe for riding and driving. But reality says its short lived, by noon the sky will cloud in and snowflakes will start falling and the cold sharp winds will begin to howl. The horses will get a few hours outside today while barn is cleaned, and staged with hay to last a few days. The foals seem to know tomorrow will be a day inside, so had best get out all the sprints and bucks and kicks for now.

Snow will fall through the night and tomorrow will dawn with more snow and high winds. The barn will stay snug and warm as its insulated and full of drafts. Water buckets will not be frozen in the least as the 26 "draft furnaces" will keep it a comfortable temperature for both man and beast. Every horse, from weanlings through adults will get a good grooming and a few treats while on the crossties. Its a enjoyable break while their stalls are being cleaned. Only the door to the "nutrient recycling" pit will be open at times, which allows the right amount of needed fresh air.

The horses will munch, and drink and lay content while I concern myself with plowing, the wood furnace that heats the house, and the possibility of loosing electricity, getting the generator started and a host of other "what if's". But the horses are safe and happy, and that is what matters most.